Tuesday, August 22, 2017

New York Central 4-6-0 built in Canada, 1900

Seen in Ontario in July 1956. Info

it must have been quite a flight

1950 Singer Nine

'I want to be different with a real book'

Polish beer label with a locomotive graphic

rowboat in Lausanne - Ouchy, Lake Geneva, Switzerland, 1960

She looks lonely. Ouchy is pronounced 'ooshy'.

traffic on ul. MarszaƂkowska, Warsaw, Poland, circa 1970

The sezam department store visible was opened in 1969 and lasted until 2014 when it was demolished.  In the foreground is the Swietokryzski Park

1964 Ford Zodiac Mark III

The wheels at least aren't original...

the Barcelona 'allahu akbarist' is shot dead

Daily Mail (UK) story

And there is another story of a 35 year old with "psychiatric problems" (read "Islamist") driving a car into two separate bus stops in Marseille, killing a 42 year old woman -- story

Monday, August 21, 2017